Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals April 23-28

April 16-21
Monday: Paint a second coat on the door trim. Put a coat on the trim and baseboards in the hallway as well. Take down the blinds and clean around the windows.

Tuesday: Tape and paint the master bedroom walls.

Wednesday: Do a second coat and/or touch-up in the master bedroom as needed.

Thursday: Clean up the painting stuff and put the bedroom back together. Put a final coat of paint on the living room bench.

Friday: Re-fill the green waste bin! Clear as much in the side yard as possible.

Saturday: Plant more seeds with the boys. Work on decorations for the living room.

Not perfect, but not too bad! This week is looking to be another busy one (life seems to be picking up, so I'd better not start making excuses now). I am running out of little projects I am ready to tackle alone that don't involve painting or weeding, but I am trying to mix things up a bit so I don't wear myself out.
April 23-28
Monday: Weed front planters, clear more in the back if there's room in the bin/time in the day.

Tuesday: Prepare and celebrate John's birthday!

Wednesday: Buy seam tape and plaster, pick up paint samples for the kitchen and paint them up. Price (maybe buy?) replacement doors for the master bed and bath.

Thursday: Scrub/bleach the grout in the front bathroom.

Friday: Clean out toys; pull out baby toys for sanitation and designate toys to donate.

Saturday: Take a look at the rocking bench out back. Tighten up bolts if possible, and start sanding if it looks salvageable.

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