Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meg vs. Myself: Weekly Goals April 30-May 5

April 23-28
Monday: Weed front planters, clear more in the back if there's room in the bin/time in the day.

Tuesday: Prepare and celebrate John's birthday!

Wednesday: Buy seam tape and plaster, pick up paint samples for the kitchen and paint them up. Price (maybe buy?) replacement doors for the master bed and bath.

Thursday: Scrub/bleach the grout in the front bathroom.

Friday: Clean out toys; pull out baby toys for sanitation and designate toys to donate.

Saturday: Take a look at the rocking bench out back. Tighten up bolts if possible, and start sanding if it looks salvageable.

April 30-May 5
Monday: Sand the bench.

Tuesday: Clear more of the back yard, re-fill the green waste bin.

Wednesday: Spray paint the ugly mailbox

Thursday: Pick up more stain and a protective coat. Start staining the bench.

Friday: Have the hubs help me replace the hook in the ceiling and re-hang the chandelier.

Saturday: Pull down peeling joint tape in the hallway and assess how to repair it. Start re-taping if it looks okay.

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