Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meg vs. The Yard: More weeding!

Thursday: Finish clearing out the side yard. Re-fill the green waste bin.

This is the project that never ends, since we need to clear about 1/2 of our entire yard. It was a crazy morning and we all fell asleep for the afternoon, so we got a late start, but we definitely re-filled the bin and made good progress on the side yard. John meticulously removed the ivy intertwined in most of the chain-link fence, so now I just have a small section at the end of the side yard to finish so that we can get to cleaning and planting. I also worked on clearing a spot for a second raised bed, since our boys were being whiny and wouldn't tolerate both John and I being secluded on the side of the yard.

We are having guests for lunch tomorrow, so tonight's post-bedtime schedule includes cleaning the whole house and starting to get our room ready for painting. Yikes!

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