Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meg vs. The Bedroom: Still more painting.

Tuesday: Tape and paint the master bedroom walls.

I taped all morning, I did 3 walls during naptime, then the last wall and the hallway after the kiddies were asleep. When I was done at 11pm I still needed to go grocery shopping, as we were almost completely out of milk (with my 3 housemates, that spells disaster). So now, at 1am, I bring you, two fuzzy pictures of the day's work:

My first 3 minutes of work up next to our paint samples. 

The same wall at the end of the day. It is lighter than it seemed like it would be from the sample, but I'm glad because we bought the same color for all of the bedrooms, and it is fairly unassuming. I think once the green tape is down you'll be able to see the contrast better with the white ceiling; in this picture it all looks white.

We are debating on whether to do a second coat. John votes no, mostly because he wants me to be done already. I am not convinced, because I know how annoyed I'll be when I start noticing discolored spots. We agreed to decide in the light of the morning. We'll see how hard or easy tomorrow's goal will be!

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