Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meg vs. The Bathroom: Experiments in grout cleaning

Thursday: Scrub/bleach the grout in the front bathroom.

The grout on our front bathroom grosses me out a little bit, but I was hoping a good cleaning might do the trick. After today's effort, I think something stronger or some new grout/grout paint may be in order. You'll see why...

I tried two tricks I saw on Pinterest: vinegar and bleach pen (not together! Poisonous gas alert!).

Here's the vinegar side:

 Better, but I think scrubbing with water could have had a similar result.

Here is the bleach pen side:
More effective than vinegar, but clearly not stunningly white. In fact, not even yellow; we are still at brown.

I also tried baking soda and straight bleach, but nothing was working any serious magic. My next step will be to try a grout cleaner with acid, and if that doesn't work we will consider either painting or re-grouting (the latter might be best anyway; who knows how old this tile is. Perhaps we will rid ourselves of the pink border at the same time!).

I also did my periodic desk-cleaning, cleared a spot and transplanted a couple of pumpkin plants that I couldn't bear to "thin" via plucking them straight out, and watched a dorky movie starring Hermione Granger -er- Emma Watson. Okay, so the last part wasn't much of an accomplishment...I was just feeling moving picture deprived.

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