Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meg vs. The Bedroom: Paint shopping

Tuesday: Buy paint for bedrooms (buy paint for ceilings). Paint a final coat on the bench.

Once again, I should have checked the weather before publishing my goals. Last week the forecast said rain for Wednesday, but it was rainy today, which meant a no-go on painting the bench. We did buy another can of spray paint for when things clear up, and picked up some white paint for our bedroom ceilings (did you know that the non-VOC paint+primer is cheaper than the regular stuff? I was sure it would be more expensive, and it is better for my pregnant self. Double bonus). We decided to get one last paint sample since we hadn't fallen in love with any one shade of grey just yet, but the sample was still too dark. So we settled on the one I picked a while ago, which was "Silver Drop" by Behr. It looks lighter on the walls than it does in the picture.

Source: HomeDepot.com

I also pulled out my sheets and decided on a plan for curtains; now I just have to get around to sewing them!

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