Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Meg vs. The Kitchen: Paint chips

Wednesday: Buy seam tape and plaster, pick up paint samples for the kitchen and paint (tape) them up. Price (maybe buy?) replacement doors for the master bed and bath.

I realized that we didn't have enough of an idea of what color we wanted in the kitchen to actually paint up samples, so I grabbed a pile of chips at the store and we narrowed them down to the ones we liked. We knew we wanted to stay in the green family because our granite has green in it, and weren't even sure we wanted to change the color at all.

The contenders are Asparagus (really similar to the current color),

Mountain Haze,

and Laurel Mist.

We probably won't make a final choice until we also choose whether to do a tile backsplash and have a better look at our options there. But at least our brains are moving.

I also purchased tape and joint compound and a new hook for the dining room chandelier, and took a look at interior doors (nothing struck my fancy, so I'll take my time there). I should give myself shopping assignments more often!  Hehe.

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